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Welcome to dads-wisdom

 :: Posted by ifm89408 on 03-24-2011

Welcome to dads-wisdom.  I named this domain with the concept that I would be giving basic financial information to people just starting out in life, kind of like the information a good father would provide.  It is a mixture of what I was taught by my own parents, and what I have learned during my (now) over 35 years of working life.  What I will attempt to do is add a post a week or so as time permits.  At this time I have enough ideas in all of the different categories to take me well over a year to spill out but I ‘m pretty sure I can come up with much more as time moves on.

Come back and check for new posts, look over old posts, bookmark those that give good information or some of my favorite shortcuts. If you have questions leave a comment or send me an email.  If you don’t like something or disagree, you can do that as I am writing this from America, not China.

Hopefully this information will be presented in a fashion that is interesting and easy to digest.  My goal is to help you to be more proactive in your own financial future as I have seen first hand how these lessons have helped other particularly young people.  Hopefully they can help you also.

Finally, I hope you will enjoy reading about Harold’s life as told through his own words and maybe embellished by my own recollections.  He was a a special person.

Brian R.