My name is Brian R., son of Harold who was already introduced to you on the index page of this blog, and mother Helen.  I am absolutely a product of the upbringing of Harold, Helen and 5 older siblings.  I have been an investment adviser for over 20 years and am according to most, just a curmudgeonly  old man, but according to others I have an ability to explain difficult issues in simple terms and I will be trying to do this while blogging in my spare time.

For years I have wanted to proffer the wisdom that I acquired through this trip we all call life.  Much of it gleaned from watching, listening and discussing with Harold, much more learned from formal school (undergrad from Michigan State and MBA from U of Phoenix) and from all the real life lessons I’ve learned the hard way.  The fact is most people derive their foibles about money and life from their parents.  Fortunately for me, I grew up in a house that had good functional finances and learned my lessons well (if you ask my wife I grew up in the Cleaver household – yup, I was the “Beav”).  I have also seen first hand how many did not get this opportunity and I have seen how a bit of “guidance” can make a difference in the lives of those willing to listen and maybe reform some of those habits. Hopefully, these musings will be helpful to you.

(OK – so the picture is 15 years old!  Can’t you see the resemblance?)