Site FAQ

The blog is organized by category.  While I would really like to create the posts in a chronological fashion (you need to do this before you can do that) it is just not practical.  I have opted to organize it using categories.  These categories form sort of a pyramid of financial wisdom.  You have to build upon the basics, the cornerstones, the foundation of the pyramid before you can work your way up.

Attitude and Gratitude – the cornerstone of building a successful financial life.  Includes  things as mundane as presentation, persistence, avoiding critical mistakes, improving personal habits, making good choices.  Sometimes money is not the only way to be wealthy, but being a nice and positive person is usually a better path to getting financial security.  Gotta say, Harold had a very positive attitude, was a people person, and was loved by many, he had wealth in many dimensions.

Finance 101 – Here are some basics particularly in accounting, budgeting, saving and planning.  Yeah, OK it is boring but it is stuff Harold was teaching me while I was a child sitting on his lap – what, you think he was telling me fairy tales?

Finance 400 –  more advance topics in long range planning, keeping yourself from making major mistakes, and more in depth exploration of Finance 101 topics.  Your not going to be a certified anything after reading this but I bet you can make some better financial decisions.  You might even find a few tricks and shortcuts here.

Do It Yourself – I am a firm believer that NOBODY cares as much about your money as you do.  Problem is most people are not equipped to act upon it (hey, I don’t do my own plumbing either).  While I am not going to be able to make an expert out of you maybe I can provide enough information to keep you from being a victim and better yet making you a great and educated consumer of financial products and services.

Uncle Sam – Most people like to concentrate on the “Tax Impact” of their investments.  While it is important it is not anywhere near the foundation of financial success.  Still, Harold did his own taxes well into his late 70’s and for good reason.  We will cover some topics here about how Uncle Sam impacts your financial decisions, maybe search out some facts and dispel some fiction.

Harold’s Life and Times – Not really part of the pyramid but Harold did spend some time writing his memoirs.  They are not nearly as detailed as I would like but they do give a great historical perspective on a typical member of the “Greatest Generation” and what made them successful. As time goes on I hope to include some of his recollections here for your enjoyment.